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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Schedule Day One

So today was day one of my new schedule I made for myself.  I want to feel more productive during the day and keep up with housework easier.  Also keep the boys a little more entertained, they've been seeming to get bored lately.  Today went really well though, I did make a few adjustments to my schedule already, added a few things in, which is good, I had time for more.  It also keeps me from getting so bored and getting online so much.  

I'm starting a home management binder to help keep track of things too.  Keep my schedule in there, calendar, special chores that need to be done, budget, grocery lists, menus....etc.  I like lists, I like to be organized so I think this will work well for me.  When I get it all put together I'll have to take pics haha

One of my "resolutions" for me was to start cooking more.  I cook alot anyways but I've been slacking lately and doing too many "easy" dinners and breakfast too.  Lots of sandwiches for lunch, just the same meat and cheese or pb&j so we are switching it up.  I planned out breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyday this week...snacks and desserts too.  We are doing good so far.  

Yesterday's breakfast and lunch don't count...we were out.  But dinner was amazing!!!  Fresh tilapia, pan fried...the boys LOVED it!!!  Hayden had 2 helpings and Landon and Casen had 3!  They want it all the time now they said.  Casen helped make everything too.  We also roasted some garlic and made some garlic mashed potatoes with yukon gold new favorite for mashed potatoes! Delicious  Then we had some veggies on the side.  For dessert me and Casen made homemade peach was awesome!  HUGE hit...with some vanilla ice cream on top..oh yeah it was great.  Another one they would like to have every day lol

Today I made them muffins for breakfast, blueberry and strawberry ones..yummy.  They skipped lunch (not Landon because he was at school) but with winter break just ending today Casen and Hayden slept in later so ate breakfast later, then when naptime came they still weren't ready for lunch so I put them BOTH, yep both down for a nap.  That was a nice break, they both slept really good.  When Hayden woke up first we made monkey munch for their snack so they all had alot of that and some fruit for snack.  Then we had yummy chicken with veggies and pasta with a sundried tomato vinegarette type sauce.  I made cheesecake for dessert but they actually weren't hungry for anything else so they just took baths and went to bed :)  

I like cooking and with my new schedule the house is fully clean, barely had to do anything when the boys went to bed or after dinner, they cleaned their plates off themselves so it was nice.  Just sitting here relaxing now listening to all three of them in there snoring together waiting for Daddy to get home

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