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Monday, September 28, 2009

Nice Relaxing Weekend

This is the first weekend in I don't even know how long, that we've stayed home for most of it. The boys really enjoyed it...I think they are tired of shopping haha. Saturday I took Hayden with me to the library and got lots of books. I got the first two books in The Boxcar Children series to start reading to the boys as their bedtime story books. I remember I use to love those books when I was younger, I really think they will like them too. After the library I came home and we had lunch then I had a hair appt. First time in about a year I've had it done, it was needed big time. I got tons of highlights put in it and lots of it cut off, I LOVE it it looks great :) I came home and made dinner and we just hung out then the boys went to bed. Sunday we just hung out around the house til around 2pm. Then we had to go get pictures developed for Landon's school project and then grocery shopping. When we got home I helped Landon with his project which I think came out cute. He had to do an "all about me" project on a poster. He chose all the pics, some of him with his brothers, one of each of them, a few of him, him doing things he loves, baby pics and we added all of those then he also chose some of his favorite things and we printed pictures from online to add them. Daddy took him to school this morning so his poster wouldn't get messed up on the bus. We also had to write a letter about him and seal it up and send it there, all the parents had to do it but none of the kids know that part so I hope he likes what we said :)

Hopefully he has a good week at school...and us here at home. Last week was a pretty bad week, he had a bad day at school one of the days, he was sick and sore for a couple of days and then everyone else in the house got sick too. Mark has it now but should be over it in the next day or so, hopefully after that we are all healthy for awhile :)

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