My life as a Mommy of 4 little boys

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About the boys

Well since I'm starting a new blog I figure I will update on all the of the boys :)

Landon is now almost 6 1/2 and in 1st grade! He is loving school and doing great. He is in Reading Recovery to help catch him up with reading and also spelling. I can already see a HUGE improvement just from these first couple of weeks. I always have known reading would be a struggle with him, it's just not his thing, he is much better with math and hands on type of learning like science. We had a curriculum night at his school not long ago and I just love his school. He has a great teacher this year who we all really like. Apparently there was an instance at the school where a child was made fun of for still sleeping with a blanket, they weren't in his class, I'm not even sure what grade they were in, but his teacher found out about it and brought her baby blanket up to the school to show that it's ok to still need it. They then had a discussion in class about not making fun of people and she asked how many kids still have a blanket and many raised their hands so they are now taking their baby blankets to school and they are all going to take a picture together in support of that child and enforcing the lesson about not making fun of people. I thought it was a great idea, and really sweet of his teacher to make sure that child felt like it was ok. But other than school Landon is doing great, he is such an awesome big brother and always looking out for his brothers.

Casen is doing really great too, he is now 4 1/2. We do homeschool with him since he is too young for kindergarten but there aren't any preschools that are good enough around here for us to put him in. He really enjoys learning and is so smart. He is in the beginning stages of reading and getting better everyday. He also loves math and adds, subtracts, understands fractions and has even multiplied some very small numbers. I'm thinking with the curriculum I'm using he should be at a 2nd grade level by the time he enters kindergarten next year :) Right now though he is sick :( He started getting sick last night, had a terrible headache and a fever of 102 so I went ahead and gave him some meds and it took quite awhile to get his headache to finally go away so he could sleep. All day he's had a fever around 102 when his meds wear off and just generally feeling miserable. He's been complaining of really bad body aches and an upset stomach. I know the flu is going around really bad here I'm thinking maybe it's that.

Hayden is also sick now and has had a fever of around 104 each time his meds wear off :( He has the same symptoms as Casen. But both are responding well to just tylenol and when we get their temps down they feel quite a bit better. Hayden just turned 2 on the 15th! I can't believe it's been 2yrs. He is my tiny thing at only about 22lbs and 32in. He is talking more and more everyday and just adores his big brothers. He is my trouble maker though, he is a handful.

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