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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

So busy with baseball and loving it!

And I thought the boys might be able to do baseball and martial arts at the same time....good thing I didn't sign them up for both!!!  Baseball takes up so much of our time but we absolutely love it.  We have games or practices pretty much every weekday, the weekends are off though unless a game was rained out and Sat was the only day available to reschedule.  

Casen is doing great with his baseball.  He loves it and has committed to the fall season as well.  Right now his team is in 2nd place because they lost one :(  But they are still doing great!!  They have a game on Thurs against a really tough team so hopefully they WIN!!!!!  He is getting much better with his catching and throwing and starting to hit the ball even further too.  

Landon has improved SO much it's great.  He is catching so much better, throwing better though still needs some more work and has been hitting the ball most times up to bat.  He gets quite a few foul balls, just needs to straighten it out some and swing harder and he'll get better.  He is still deciding on the fall season though I'm sure he'll say yes I think sometimes he gets a little discouraged because the kids on his team are really good.  I think he feels like he's not very good playing next to them.  But them being so good has helped him improve quicker than he would have otherwise.  

Both the boys coaches will be moving up to the next age group in the fall but Landon and Casen won't be.  Luckily Landon will get to stay with 2 of the asst coaches and 2 kids from his team.  I'm not sure about Casen yet though.  

Hayden is doing great too, he loves watching the boys baseball and throws and catches so well, it's pretty amazing lol.  He is finally growing!!  He'll be 3 in Sept (how crazy is that?!?!) and is 35in now and 27-28lbs :D  Still pretty small for his age but growing so yayyyyy

We are pretty sure we are going to start TTC in Sept, I'm really excited!!  I can't wait!  It will be our first really planned baby.  We have a big, long list of things to try to hopefully have a girl this time.  I've already started planning my girly cloth stash haha it better work!

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